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Window Fashion Design
Perhaps you've never had custom window treatments?  Or, maybe it has been 15 or 20 years since the last time you've purchased them. There are so many new design options available today!  The decisions can be overwhelming!  Which styles are coming in?  Which ones are going out?  Some looks from the past are back in fashion today, with a new flair.  Where do you begin?  Who do you turn to for the best advice?
One of Window Treatments of the Western Reserve's experienced team will bring everything to your home, where we can see the environment and get accurate measurements.  No, trying to get a ballpark price, at a store where you can't even match up colors.
Before we show you a single product, we ask about your lifestyle in the
home and any special needs for light control, energy efficiency, child
safety, ease of use, etc.  Then, working with your budget, we offer ideas & design help, using visuals to help you make the best selections for each room.

You've been to the big box hardware store.  There's no one to help you in the blind and shade department.   Finally, after waiting forever, "a guy" comes over from the paint or flooring area.  He really isn't sure in what he is saying to you, and you can tell right away. 
Then he asks you if you brought in your window measurements...
This a recipe for disaster!  Or, at the least, buyers remorse!

He's not going to ask you about your window trim depth or even know why it is important.  He's not going to help you with design or color selection.  He's not going to explain which products are better quality, or have options on lifting systems that may be better suited to your appication or needs.  He's definitely not going to guarantee the measurements!

Window Treatments of the Western Reserve  will do all of these things and more, at no extra charge.  You will have the peace of mind from knowing everything will fit perfectly and you are not responsible for the measurements saving you time, money and aggravation.

Guaranteed Measurements
Expert Installation
Purchasing your new window treatments is only half of the equation.  Making sure they are installed professionally and perfectly is even more important. 

Window Treatments of the Western Reserve,  will take care of installing your custom window treatments, shortly after they arrive from the manufacturer's workroom.  Arrangements can be made for old blinds and shades to be removed by us the day of the installation, so you are not without privacy for any length of time.

Our installers are insured and professionally trained.  They are polite and treat your home with the utmost respect, leaving everything clean when they are done.